10 Bridesmaids Woes

We are excited to announce we have teamed up with Buzzfeed to share some of our tips on weddings! After being in the industry for the last few years, we have so many great ideas on how to keep the wedding on budget, picking gowns, and flowers! Today we bring you a great article from Wendy at Buzzfeed that talks about the always fun (but sometimes complicated) bridesmaids!

10 Bridesmaids Woes

When it comes to wedding preparations, few things are more stressful than buying bridesmaid dresses. While the bride certainly has enough on her shoulders to try to shrug this off, she will be a lot happier with the bridal party photos if she takes the  time to help the bridesmaids out with their selections.  Below you will find 10 woes that the bride and her maids will have to face and tips for how to handle them with grace.

“This will not look good on me!”
Your bridesmaids will probably be very physically different. Each of them has wardrobe issues that they deal with every time they go shopping. The friend that is tall and thin. The shorter the dress the taller she looks. The bridesmaid that is very short and a bit heavier than the others should opt for a floor length dress that it is not tight.

Communication failure
You told the bridesmaids to choose a green bridesmaids dress. Is it an emerald green bridesmaid dress or is it pastel green? Without detailed communication, you can expect to have some very interesting wedding photographs.

“The dress you chose for me costs how much?”
Set an agreed upon budget. Use caution adding expenses to the dress that you expect the bridesmaids to pay for. Alterations and accessories may be out of their financial budget. Stay away from diamond earrings.

“What is my size?”
Your bridesmaids may be out of state, If your dresses are all to be exactly the same, that means some bridesmaids may have to buy their dress over the phone or computer. But, all size 10’s are not equal. You may need a size up or a size down. Some dresses do not come in plus sizes. If you have bridesmaids who require plus sizes, they may not be able to get that particular dress.

Allow the bridesmaids to buy different dresses made of the same color b ut different hues. Give them some general guides such as length, sleeves, and neckline.

Buy the dress in the sizes the bridesmaids normally wear and ship it to them. If the dress is too small or too large, she will have the dress altered, which is an added expense.

“Do not change my hair!”
You can ask for the hair to be styled a certain way, but you cannot insist on cutting or adding extensions.

Here are a few other bridesmaid dress issues (and how to tackle them!):

  • Consider the hue that will go with your dresses. For example a green bridesmaid dress, you can have the shoes dyed (though it is an expense). However, silver shoes go with all hues of green and they are easy to find.
  • Tattoos are forever. You know if your bridesmaids have them. If you do not want the tattoos to show, you must tell them. This may make it better to choose a dress with sleeves and a higher neckline. If the tattoos are on the back, a pretty shawl will cover the tatts.

  • Some people simply cannot afford to be a bridesmaid. The cost of a gown and shoes, with the investment of time for rehearsals, dinners, and showers are a reach for a college student or a new mother. You can offer to help her pay for the dress or you can be understanding if she chooses to decline.
  • Religion pays a huge part in our lives. If the bridesmaid’s religion is against uncovering her hair in public or not eating certain foods, you must choose a dress with a proper hair covering,

  • It takes a long time to plan a wedding. In some cases a bridesmaid may become pregnant, Even if she delivers before the wedding, she will have additional weight on her frame. Select a style of dress that will show off her assets. If you love her and want her in the wedding, make a choice.  

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Katie & Jay

Katie had one of the coolest ideas for a wedding I've ever heard. She was planning an intimate wedding in Asheville, but wanted to keep the location top secret. So guests only knew where it was when they arrived in town! I love that idea of suspense, and mystery! Such a fun way to keep guests on their toes! They chose a stunning venue overlooking a valley, where you could see the mountains for miles and miles away. She wanted something with lace, flowy, and effortless. Her Ti Adora choice was perfect, with it's high neckline and cashmere lining, and the color went perfect with her sweater for the chilly weather. Her husband is a local musician, so they made sure to bring along local band, The Accomplices, to play at their wedding. (The Accomplices are one of my favorite local bands, you gotta check them out!) What a great personal touch! Another reason Katie is amazing? She weaves! As a fibers major, I love meeting fellow fibers ladies! And her work is incredible! Congratulations to Katie and Jay!

{Vendor Credits} Gown by Ti Adora, veil by Marisol Aparicio, available at Ivory & Beau // Photography by Amanda Berk 

New Gown: West

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Chelsea & Jason

One of our favorite venues here in Savannah is Ships of the Sea. They have stunning gardens, a large covered patio, and endless spots for pictures! Chelsea & Jason took advantage of this beautiful space for their fall wedding last year, and even got some great shots downtown! Chelsea wore Jessica by Ti Adora, that features an intricate lace, sweetheart neckline, slimming fit, and open corset back. It's both romantic and a little flirty, and fit Chelsea perfectly. She paired it with one of our favorite veils by Jaclyn Jordan, that features a scalloped lace for an extra touch of detail. And these photo's by Anna Benton really capture the love they have for one another! Such a beautiful wedding! A huge congratulations to Chelsea and Jason! 

See more of this wedding up on Borrowed and Blue!

{Vendor Credits} Jessica gown by Ti Adora, veil by Jaclyn Jordan, both from Ivory & Beau // Photography by Anna Benton // Ceremony and Reception at Ships of the Sea